Columbine Teacher's Guide

Teacher's Guide Overview

The Columbine Teacher's Guide is intended for college or high school Humanities courses. It emphasizes analysis and critical thinking.

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Cross-Curriculum Design

Most sections were designed to apply across departments. The BY COURSE menu button is the exception. More at Using the Guide (with examples).


Engaging Students

Columbine is a vehicle to engage students analyticially on society, because it provokes such personal reactions. It feels like their lives. Most students can't remember the attack, but they all know the word. They are deeply curious. More.


Whole Book or Short Unit
Both approaches supported

Many units and each analytical writing exercise focus on chapters, so they can be used in a shorter unit withouth assigning the entire book. Page numbers are provided.


Expanded Columbine Edition

We issued an expanded edition of Columbine in 2016, with 50 pages of new material since the hardcover. It includes a new epilogue and journal scans, plus the afterword and school diagram in the initial paperback edition.


Courses Supported
A more complete list than the chart

Teen Depression is the great unlearned lesson of Columbine. If you conduct just one discussion, please consider this topic.


Education Awards


Intro Video

Teachers report great success introducing the book with this 3-minute Columbine video:


Thank You

The Columbine Teacher's Guide only exists because of you teachers, profs and students who wrote to me with ideas, and provided feedback on the early drafts. Thanks for all the suggestions. Keep them coming.

And thanks for teaching. I'm grateful for what you do.